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“NGO Guide 2016″ Released at 5th South India NGOs Conference

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By Rumaan Mecci

Bengaluru: The 5th South India NGOs Conference was held in the city on March 12 and 13, 2016. Ameen Mudassar gave an introduction about CIGMA and LEAD Trust, the organizers of the conference. A souvenir titled ‘NGO Guide 2016’ was also released. The chief guest Ramji Raghavan, founder and chairman of Agastya international foundation, began his address with a story of Japan during the Meiji Restoration and spoke of the Bujin (literati) who spread education. According to him, effective administration at the top and great absorption at the bottom are major reasons for success. Syed Mohammed Beary, Chairman of the Beary group explained that opportunity and effort must go beyond the call of duty. Dr. Taha Mateen, Managing Director of HBS Hospital, too, regarded NGO work as prophetic work and stressed on the importance of altruistic behavior and the concept of giving. Two NGOs shared their success stories- the Ajmal foundation spoke of their many initiatives and building greater initiatives for Muslims. Empower India Foundation, another successful NGO spoke of their community development project- INDIA 2047.