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Sikhs Rescue Kashmiri Muslims

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It were Sikhs from Dehradun to Chandigarh,
who restored Kashmiri’s faith in humanity.

True to their faith, and also a minority that has seen and experienced targeted violence, Sikhs across India have come to the rescue of stranded and hounded Kashmiris. Nanak Naam Chardi Kala, Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala” – the last line in the Sikh Ardas or prayer – calls for peace and prosperity for all humanity. Over the past few days, several Sikhs in North India embodied this concept by helping Kashmiri Muslims who were trying to escape vigilante mobs following the Pulwama attack on 14 February
It was Khalsa Aid, an international aid organisation that had also stepped in for the beleaguered Rohingyas and many local Gurdwaras, as also individual Sikhs gave protection, food and shelter to the stranded Kashmiris and helped them reach their homes in Kashmir. Several Kashmiris – those who were stranded as well as journalists and political leaders – expressed their gratitude to the Sikh community for helping them in this difficult time.
A cartoon by Greater Kashmir cartoonist Suhail Naqshbandi, which depicted a Sikh offering a helping hand to a drowning Kashmiri, went viral on social media

This cartoon from Suhail Nakshbandi (editorial cartoonist from Greater Kashmir says it all. He tweeted this, “Sardar means a leader and they lead by example. Hats off to them for being everywhere to help the humanity.” Needless to say it went viral.
Kashmiri students in Dehradun were specific targets following the Pulwama terror attack. Khalsa Aid International is reaching out to the distressed students and offering them transportation, food and accommodation. Khalsa Aid, the Punjab-based NGO has got in touch with Jammu and Kashmir Students’ Organisation (JKSO) and providing transportation to 250 students waiting to leave for Mohali from Dehradun.
“When I saw members of Jammu and Kashmir Students’ Organisation are providing help to students facing threats after Pulwama, I followed up with them. We are giving them transportation, food and accommodation. I saw them hungry and scared,” Amarpreet Singh, managing director, Khalsa Aid International, told News 18. He adds, “What is their fault”¦ that they are Kashmiris? We will stand by them and help them. About 250 more students are stranded in Dehradun and want to leave for Jammu. We will take care of their travel.”
Providing Safe Sanctuary
While some Kashmiri students are huddled up in a housing society, others have found refuge in Gurudwaras. The JKSO – a socio-cultural group that has been working for the Kashmiri students since two years ago – has helped 800 students from Dehradun find safe refuge. Some have been sent back to Jammu and some are staying at various places in Mohali.
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