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We have little or no time to talk to God, though we have all the time in the world to gossip with our friends on our mobile phones.

By Narka Awomi

The more advanced our technology gets, the swifter our communications become. Modern technology has enabled us to almost instantly connect with people who may be located far away from us, even at the other end of the globe. It helps us to relate with each other. The more we keep in touch, the more healthy and strong our relationships are likely to grow. The more contact we have, the better we can understand each other. The more we talk and share, the more we can like, even love, each other.
Today, mobile phones have become a ubiquitous form of communication across the world. They are widely used among almost every social class in every country.
You need a couple of things if you want to communicate with others through a mobile phone. Of course, you need to buy a handset, followed by a SIM card. Then, you need to invest in a bit of ‘top-up’ and perhaps an SMS pack, and maybe an Internet pack if you have one of the fancy new phones. And then you are ready to use your mobile phone!
Yet, the charge on your phone works only for a while. You need to shell out money to refill your balance. You also need””almost daily””to recharge your phone.
Although you can speak to people at the other end of the planet on your mobile phone, there are places where the phone doesn’t work””places that have no mobile phone tower around, and, therefore, no network connectivity.
Today, sadly, many of us have become””whether we realize it or not””worshippers of rapidly-changing communications technology. Playing around with hi-tech gizmos has become our favourite form of ‘time-pass’. We have little or no time to talk to God, though we have all the time in the world to gossip with our friends on our mobile phones. We have become so addicted to communications technology that we think that we just can’t live without our mobile phones, our I-pods and I-pads and our Internet connections, but we never care to think that we can’t survive even a micro-moment without the support of God. We’ve put all our trust in technology instead of in the Lord. That holds true for most of us, irrespective of the religion we claim to follow.
Just think of it: how many hours do we spend checking our email, surfing the Net and talking with our friends and relatives on our mobile phones every day? Compare that figure with how much time””if at all””we speak with God each day. How many minutes a day do we actually spend with God or even think of Him? Do we honestly have the same desire to talk with God that we have for chatting with our friends, parents, spouses and business contacts? God wants us to be much more enthusiastic in spending time talking with Him than with other people, because, after all, He is our Creator and our best Friend, who never leaves us alone for even a fraction of a second.
To talk with God, we don’t have to spend anything””unlike when you use a mobile phone.  Everything is absolutely free””but yet how often do we avail of this special offer? To talk with God, we don’t have to spend money to buy a handset, a SIM card, ‘top-up’, and an SMS or Internet pack! Everything is ‘paid for’ by God through His grace. God has no appointed time to resist our calls, unlike the supposedly ‘very important’ people in this world who switch off their cell phones, not wanting to be disturbed, or else give their cell numbers only to a chosen few! Instead, He is always there, waiting for us to call up and talk with him. Night and day, He is always alert to receive our call””no matter who we are. When we call Him, the network is always available, anytime and anywhere! There’s no question of the charge running out. And you definitely won’t face any network connectivity problems!
All we need to do is do away with our laziness and make use of the offer which God has graciously given to us. If we want to improve our relationship with Him and truly experience His loving-kindness, it is our responsibility to contact Him.
A good relationship between God and us depends upon how often we call Him and how long we speak to Him!
Try it out and see for yourself!
Narka Awomi is from Nagaland and is presently studying at the Henry Martyn Institute, a centre for interfaith/intercommunity harmony and understanding based in Hyderabad’