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“Use Loud Speakers Only When Required”: Kerala Sunni Mahallu Federation

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Indian Currents, an Indian Catholic magazine, reports that the Kerala State Sunni Mahallu Federation, which has 8,000-odd mosque committees affiliated to it, has exhorted Muslim clerics to use loud speakers only for very necessary purposes, that too by controlling the volume to the minimum. Dr. Philippose Mar Chrysostom, the immensely popular Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church, wrote an article in a daily appreciating the path breaking announcement by the Sunni Federation. He wrote, “Following the footsteps of the Mahallu Federation, if all religions curb noise pollution and show such initiatives to maintain communal harmony, peace, joy and mutual respect will increase.” “Instead of an external body imposing a ban, if the heads of all religious places themselves take an initiative to reduce the use of loud speaker, by being sensitive about the disturbances and noise pollution it creates, it will be more practical,” opined the President of the Malabar Devaswam Board.