A Glimpse into a DYS Practitioner’s Journey:  Wisdom from an Auto Rickshaw Driver


A Glimpse into a DYS Practitioner’s Journey: Wisdom from an Auto Rickshaw Driver

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Recently at Deccan Park (Hyderabad), our DYS group was engaged in practicing the state of LA (Nothingness) and exploring the law of equality. Amidst this contemplative session, profound insights were gained through conversations with ana unexpected source – an autowala.

During my journey the autowala shared his 14-year journey of marriage, applying the mantra “Na mein jung hai, haan mein jeet hai” (denial leads to war, acceptance leads to victory). Remarkably, he and his wife navigated the complexities of life without engaging in the blame game, fostering an environment where humanity prevailed. I was astonished to hear how he was living the principles of DYS (Discover Yourself) in his life.

Further, Expressing gratitude for his daily earnings of Rs. 1000, he challenged the conventional narrative of wealth and success, prompting the question of the true endurance of possessions. His perspective invited reflection on the distinction between the temporary and the eternal.

He said: “tum arabpati hai to tum mujhe bataao aakhir tak tumhare paas wo paise rehte kya to main paison k peeche jaatun” (if a millionaire gives me guarantee he will have his titles and possessions till the end, then I’ll also run the race)

During the auto journey, despite facing near collisions with reckless drivers, the autowala maintained composure, advising to remain silent when angered and allowing emotions to pass.

He said ghussa aaya to kuch nahi bolna, 5 -10 minute mein aata aur chala jaata.

He shared a poignant shaiyr (poetry) highlighting how ego imprisons the self-centered, hindering progress. His wisdom extended to the power of a gentle disposition, emphasizing that even the most powerful individuals are defeated by someone with a kind and gentle heart.

He said: “Narm mizaaj insaan se koi nahi jeet sakta.. Sabse ghussa wala taaqatwar insaan bhi narm mizaaj insaan se haar jaata”

Quoting Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, he reminded everyone of the importance of showing mercy to others, as it invites divine mercy in return.

Anecdotes from his own life, such as intervening in his sister’s potential divorce with compassion and understanding, showcased the transformative potential of approaching conflicts with an open heart.

In this unexpected encounter with a DYS leader in an auto rickshaw, lessons in submission, gratitude, and kindness unfolded, offering a profound reminder that wisdom can be found in the most ordinary moments.

Sana Noorein.
([email protected])