Lost and Found -II Falling and Rising in Love
Seeking The True Self
Spiritual Stamina Through God-Consciousness

Wake up!!!
O Muslims, Wake up.
You have the magnificent heritage on the face of history.
You were well versed in Commerce, Science, Technology, Religion, Art and Literature.

O Muslims!!
You were the true identity of humanity, integrity, morals, and gallantry.
With elapsing centuries, you disremembered the real goal ascending to the world.

Wake up!!
Stop dividing yourselves into countries, areas, groups, colour, sects and creeds.
Do not ever forget You all are the slaves of that Almighty Allah only.

O Muslims!!
Unify by filling the large and deep ocean of divergence and disharmony.
Educate, edify, and show the whole universe what you really are.

O Muslims!!
Mend your ways, you have the largest reason to survive.
Do not forget the commandments of Allah, the afterlife and the doom’s day.

Wake up!!!
O Muslims, wake up!!!
Wake up before you will be trampled down or wiped out.
Wake up, unite and do some remarkable deeds in the world.

Composed by: Surayya Najeeb