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A Bus Journey

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Diana was determined to spend her vacation at her grandmother’s house in the countryside. Every year, her family used to visit there together. On the contrary, this year owing to some family problems they canceled the trip. In fact, her mother with surety agreed to join her granny on the following vacation. Diana, a loving granddaughter, was unwilling to miss out on the opportunity to see her sick and grey-haired granny.

She left her house alone for the countryside by opting for the bus route. Well, the bus journey was not comfortable in the eyes of Diana, yet she was inclined to choose the same as thrill and adventure. As soon as the bus set out for the countryside, Diana would be highly excited to travel alone by bus as well as to see her granny by giving her a surprise.

As the bus was plying fast; Diana began to feel that her life too running at a high speed. Moreover, as the bus went from one stop to another; her days and nights were rushing rapidly on the flying wings. She was worried that she was losing precious time like an hourglass destined for her lot. She eagerly wanted to escape from this feeling, so, she closed her eyes. A sudden jerk jolted her badly which caused her to plunge into the sea of thoughts.” If life is a journey like a bus, then, everyone should be alert and cautious of the ups and downs and bumps of the journey because every jerk, be it small or big, is enough to harm, ruin, and impact severely the rest of the life and sufficient to finish off quickly.” The voice of the bus conductor “Ticket, ticket, ticket, madam your ticket please” brought her back to reality.

She was firm to savour this adventurous bus trip. She began to look out through the window. The scenery was beautiful, mesmerizing, and appealing too. She pleasantly commenced, realizing the fresh air on her soft white cheeks. Her silky smooth brown hair was playing with the tickling of the gentle breeze. In the meanwhile, the bus was running at high speed, and out of the blue like an unannounced storm, one blue bike appeared at high speed in front of the bus. The bus driver had struggled hard to control but the bus jumped with a heavy jerk. Diana was busy making good memories of this journey and was completely unaware of what was happening around them.

She suddenly got jolted heavily with the absence of mind and bumped her head on the iron roof. Momentarily by forgetting the physical pain she immersed herself into the thought that “Whether enjoying the journey of life with the open eyes or the eyes closed: everyone should be prepared for any incident, event or accident which could be taken place anywhere or any time.”

Hence, the journey ended with mixed experiences, some were good and some were bad. Ultimately, she reached her destination with whatever new things had happened to her by saving in her mind for all time and walked swiftly towards her granny to surprise her.