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By Qalamdar
Headed by the 95 year-old Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, one of India’s most well-known contemporary religious scholars and authors, the New Delhi-based Centre for Peace and Spirituality is a great resource for Islamic literature on a wide range of subjects. Over the years, CPS and the associated Goodword Books publishing house have brought out an impressive range of spiritual books and booklets, authored mainly by the Maulana himself. Most of this literature is in Urdu and English, but increasingly in other languages, too, including Hindi. For Hindi readers searching for literature that articulates a truly meaningful understanding of Islamic spirituality and that addresses many issues associated with Islam about which much misunderstanding exists, this corpus of Hindi writings is a precious treasure.
CPS has a Hindi translation team, which consists of dedicated CPS members who have devoted their lives to spread the message of peace, spirituality and wisdom gained from their understanding of Islam through Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. As of now, Goodword Books have published about thirty books/booklets in Hindi, all of these being translations of Urdu writings by the Maulana. They deal with a variety of spiritual subjects, God’s Creation Plan, basic teachings of Islam, life and death, the purpose of human life, the life of the Prophet Muhammad, the search for Truth, lessons from history and a Hindi translation of the Quran, titled Pavitra Quran, which is almost 500 pages long. Several more Hindi books and booklets on various topics are in different stages of editing, proofreading and printing. Among these upcoming books is Islam: Adhunik Yug Ka Nirmata, which is a translation of the Maulana’s book Islam: The Creator of the Modern Age. As its name suggests, this book is about the role that Islam played in the emergence of modern civilization. Another Hindi book that may be released shortly is Dharm Aur Adhunik Chunauti. This is a translation of the Maulana’s Mazhab Aur Jadeed Challenge, which has already been translated and published in English, as God Arises, and in Arabic, as Al-Islam Yatahadda. This is one of the most highly acclaimed works of the Maulana, especially in the Middle East. It uses scientific discoveries and modern knowledge to seek to prove the existence of God. The book draws arguments from well-accepted scientific laws and principles which were put to use by agnostics and atheists to seek to deny the existence of God. The book also explains the limitations of science in seeking to determine Absolute Truth.
CPS and Goodword Books are also planning to bring out a regular Islamic spiritual magazine in Hindi, articulating the Maulana’s understanding of Islam, on the lines of Al-Risala, an Urdu monthly founded by the Maulana way back in 1976, and the English monthly Spirit of Islam, of which the Maulana is the Chief Editor.
In 2019 alone Goodword Books brought out eight beautifully-designed booklets in Hindi, being translated from Maulana’s Urdu writings. This set of includes Jihad Kya Hai? (‘What is Jihad?’), Maut Ki Yaad (‘Remembrance of Death’), Saccha Rasta (‘The True Path’), Ishvar Aur Insaan (‘God and Man’), Ekishvarvaad Ki Sacchai (‘The Truth of Monotheism’), Tazkiya: Atma Ki Shuddhikaran (‘Tazkiya: The Purification of the Soul’), Insaan Apne Aap Ko Pahchaan (‘Man, Know Thyself’) and Safal Jeevan Ke Saidhantik Neeyam (‘Rules For a Successful Life’). These booklets deal with basic Islamic beliefs and concepts and outline in simple terms the Islamic spiritual path. The language is literary yet easy to understand. The booklets are priced between Rs.30 and Rs.45 each, and the whole set of booklets can be procured along with the Hindi translation of the Quran at a sum of Rs. 180.
For more details, see http://goodwordbooks.com/subcat/hindi-books
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