Leather and Qatar World Cup Football


Leather and Qatar World Cup Football

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Qatar’s extraordinary FIFA world cup event is indebted to leather. A few square feet of basically vegetable tanned leather is a key element in having successfully held the international sports event of world cup football. But for leather covers on rubber bladders, the event may not, have been possible, for no other material could be put to use on the bladders of a football. Since the use of vegetable-tanned leather in the early days of playing, this unique game has a link with the physical fitness and health of human beings all over the world. In almost all countries, at the school level, football playing begins, and later on, in colleges, its standard gets improved and refined, and the game sees further overall development and improvement in football clubs around the world. In a way, this material is God’s gift to mankind for its unique contribution to people from boyhood to adulthood. In recent times, women too have started playing this game in schools from girlhood to adult age in colleges which is yet another significant development. That half of mankind has linked themselves to this game is for good.

Making of football’s leather covers with vegetable tanned leather has developed into a regular production process in the sports industry. And its commerce is benefiting in more than one good way-contributing to economies of nations all over the world and artisan workers in their beginning. It has now entered technology-oriented manufacturing to meet standards and criteria. Its demand is in all lands of the world. As a lad in school, I played football up to adult age and having got to work in the leather technology, it has occurred to me, to sum up; the above facts, for understanding and appreciating, the significance of leather, in particular the vegetable- tanned, to make covers for football’s rubber bladders to be considered an essential product. But for it, the world sensationalizing the event of Qatar may not have happened. But for it, Pele may not have become a single unique legend of football. Now, the fact that Messi being held in the greatest regard in the beautiful game on the world scene is indebted to the leather as a football cover. This fanfare event of Qatar, which began in November and ended in December last year, was held with the due support of football’s leather covers on rubber bladders.