Vision for Humanity in 2022

My vision statement for 2022 is about starting a movement of 21 century for the community. It is education to women, all-out community support to push women’s education to financially constrained families. Set aside a part of extravaganza for the education of poor Muslim girls ,talk to poor neighborhoods, maids, and some street vendors, if they need help educating their children. It requires a big heart and firm conviction to chase this mission for a decade, and the Muslim community has it.
Jalees Tareen

My Vision for Humanity in 2022 is that every person is respected as a human being and not discriminated against because of one’s religion. Human values and humanitarian efforts should prevail over religious bigotry, fanaticism, and hatred. I hope the new year heralds an era of peace and prosperity for Humanity, transcending religion, race, and gender barriers.
Syed Tahsin Ahmed,

The whole world will witness ups and downs in 2021. The world is still recovering from the side effects of the pandemic in every field. Being in the media has been a roller coaster ride for me. Not easy restarting the Islamic Voice, but with Almighty Allah’s grace and the support of writers and readers, it was back to life. Long way to go yet, and I hope its reach expands in 2022.
On the global side, my Vision for the world and Humanity for 2022 is to make a difference by empowering people to discover their true identity and purpose in life. My Discover Yourself Workshops are for Humanity, not just for Muslims! Qualities like forgiveness, commitment, shedding the past burdens, giving up grudges, replacing hatred with love will go a long way in elevating Humanity to a higher spiritual level of life! It has to begin with our families and then extend to Humanity.
My Vision extends to seeing a world where we all live our lives, taking God as our benchmark. The rest of the things will fall in place!
I welcome you all to join me in fulfilling this Vision of a peaceful, tranquil, and God-oriented world.!!!!!
Sadathullah Khan

In this politically charged and religiously polarised atmosphere, I would like to see more Humanity in human beings. Let the “Humanity” in every “Human Being” roll out more of “Human Unity.” Opening hearts and minds towards neighbors would be a good start, and unity in Diversity under the tricolor be just not a dream.
In 2022, I would not like to see the awareness of education in minorities but to see they are striving for the top. They should not be in school for passing grades but excel in every field. The intellectuals should outreach and visit the middle and high school students to encourage and motivate them to be the best in academics and sports. We should guide our girls and boys to get that extra competitive and creative edge leading to good professional colleges and better work opportunities.
Reach out to the local and rural schools. Keep an eye on the toppers with humble backgrounds. Prepare them for competitive exams, and when they secure a seat from govt quota, support them financially to bear their fees and college expenses. If we seek, we shall find.
The minorities are way behind in the bureaucratic field. Bureaucrats are the policymakers and people behind not-so-educated political leaders. Minority representation in bureaucracy is nowhere near the population percentage. Our religious places can provide a conducive environment for the aspirants.
When it comes to minorities, the political field is slowly but surely going barren. We have to raise a new crop of promising young politicians. Democracy doesn’t mean anything if the biggest minority doesn’t have proper representation in the Parliament and Assemblies.
My Vision is to bring awareness that “vote is power.” The vote should not be sold for note. Cast a vote for a candidate, not for the party. Bloc voting prevents the splitting of votes. Independent candidates have no place in Muslim majority areas. They should be boycotted.
My second wish and Vision is to see Muslim parents putting the following request into practice:
Please! Instill and imbibe strong Deen in your children. The values of Deen will make them successful both in Dunya and Akhira. Let us not lose Deen in pursuit of Dunya.
We, as the most considerable minority, lag in every field. We have to strive and take long strides in catching up with everything we lost over the past few years.
Remember, resting will lead to rusting.
So, let’s welcome 2022 with new enthusiasm and zeal.
Qazi Minhaj Azher

My Vision for Humanity starting in 2022 is to present a different perspective on living the temporal life. I envision calling people to explore their inner immortal spiritual selves and weigh thoughts and actions regarding that silent voice that seems lost in the audiovisual cacophony. I envision enabling people not to think as we have been taught but to experience receiving from the heart. I envision helping human beings see their noble purpose of creation and lead them away from a life of forgetfulness to a life of remembrance where every thought and action is for the well being of others as we have been commanded ….to give in the way of Allah.
Shabana Anwar

Food, Clothes, and Shelter are basic needs of a Human and Education, Healthcare and Charity are the basic needs of Humanity. Unity in Diversity is the beauty of our Nation. We must come together irrespective of caste, creed, and purely based on Humanity and support each other to form small Healthcare Centers. Provide basic Health Checkups and Possible reserved fundings for emergencies in the area/town, Coaching Centers for Financially backward Students upto Secondary high school, and Smallcharities to make sure nobody in your area will sleep with an empty stomach.
Mr. Arshad Sayyed

My vision for 2022 is inculcating values of compassion in every person so we dont judge others but understand the other person’s pain and try to ease his/ her pain and sorrow. Love and compassion for each other without drawing boundaries of any kind.
Nikhat Fathima

My Vision for 2022 is for the students like me who are pursuing their higher studies, from high school to graduation or post-graduation. I request that all the students studying Science, Commerce, Humanities, or any other stream indulge in at least basic Islamic Studies parallel to their syllabi. And must have a deep insight into the ideological and literary scams done to this world, especially prevalent in contemporary times, whether communism, atheism, agnosticism, materialism, feminism, evolution, nihilism, and many others take our Imaan away from us. Every student should utilize each second of their learning period to gather a great deal of knowledge by reading books and writings of various Islamic scholars, watching videos on YouTube by various speakers, specialists in this field. And must possess the correct knowledge in defending Islam and debunking the falsified beliefs and ideologies aforementioned with grit, gravity and confidence and protect their and others’ faith in the Shariah of Allah, the greatest.
Syed Ilham Jafri