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A New Cookbook!

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A new cookbook focusing on traditional meals titled “Cooking Her Heritage, Saudi Arabia” was launched last month at the Diriyah Art Biennale Foundation.

Five women prepared the book: Dr. Awatif Alkeneibit, Sahar Jamal, Begoña Mateos, Jacqueline Jackaman, and Cristina Sanchez.

Jackaman said: “We are proud that Cooking Her Heritage, Saudi Arabia is a book that presents traditional Saudi dishes from across many regions and displays through its photography the beauty this amazing country has to offer.”

Jamal, a chef, explained: “The book is a cultural masterpiece combining ancient and time-honored recipes with breathtaking original photographs of people, food, natural landscape, and monuments.”

It is divided into five sections, incorporating specific recipes from the Kingdom’s regions. It highlights the most classic and iconic Saudi dishes, revealing the cooking secrets and culinary practices handed down over many years in the nation’s homes.

The book is published in hardcover and is ideal for the coffee table with its exquisite colors, super-luxury paper and mouthwatering descriptions of salads, soups, breads, main dishes, desserts, and drinks. It comes in Arabic and English.

The authors indicated that they had gained access to many recipes because several Saudi women had welcomed them into their homes and revealed the family histories behind the dishes.

“We hope the pages of this book will (ensure) its readers discover the origins of Saudi cuisine and the warmth of the Saudi people, as we did during our trips throughout the provinces of the Kingdom,” Alkeneibit said.

She said the book was another “clear example” of how Saudi women were showing their professional competence in various professions.