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Emirati Woman Finds Her Mother After 36 Years

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Mariam Abdul Rahman Al Shehi

After 36 years of separation, an Emirati woman finally found her mother. The breakthrough came after a search of a lifetime done by Mariam Abdul Rahman Al Shehi, 36. She described her experience as the “Journey of Hope”, which started when Mariam’s parents were separated after divorcing in the 80’s following a short marriage. Mariam’s mother left her for India, never to seen by her again.
Mariam, from RasKhaimah, was raised by her father. Day after day, hope and nostalgia gripped Mariam while growing up. When her father passed away, she was determined to find her long-lost mother. Determined to find the woman who brought her to the world, an idea popped up in Mariam’s mind: publish an advertisement in several Indian newspapers, with the hope of helping her case. The public appeal went out, with the message to let her mother know she’s looking for her mother in India. She posted: “Whoever knows my mother, please tell her to reach out to me”.
Then she got some good leads. Some women matched her mother’s profile. Finally, Mariam found a perfect match, after comparing passport details of the women she thought is her mother. Soon, she realised she had found the one who bore her for nine months in her belly. Mariam didn’t only find her mother. She also found her sister, who she never knew. It turned out her mother was pregnant when she left the UAE.
(Taken from https://gulfnews.com/)