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You look at me and call me oppressed,
simply because of the way I am dressed.

No, one tells me to dress this way,
it’s a law from God that I obey.

You should probably know me for what’s inside,
and not judge for the cloth I wear with pride.

Making it an issue by calling it oppression,
which infact is a fabric I wear as an expression.

An expression of faith, liberty, command, love, modesty,
you don’t understand that my hijab is a part of my identity.

For Allah we tend to fear and obey,
but people still criticise my hijab today.

I wonder why a single piece of fabric,
is making a situation so hectic.

Gracefully around my neck it goes,
which you are removing with all of your force.

Just like you hide your money in all those lockers,
I want to preserve my beauty by using my hijab as a blocker.

Isn’t it simple?