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Muslim Women Crush Stereotypes on their March to Rio Olympics

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Ambreen Naeem
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Muslim women are also seen excelling in all other sporting and outdoor competitions.

Rio de Janeiro: Since London 2012 Summer Olympics games, the world witnessed how things are starting to change in favor of the Muslim women through sports.
The last Olympics games in London recorded the highest number of female Muslim athletes who participated. It’s also inspiring to note that some of these participants have successfully won a medal.
In the upcoming Rio Olympics, the number is expected to further increase, and countries, which have never been represented in the top sporting event will eventually, have their representative.
The trend is not only observed during the Olympics, Muslim women are also seen excelling in all other sporting and outdoor competitions.
Here are some of the women athletes who challenged life and are trying to change the role of Muslim women.
Starting with a 2016 Rio Olympics qualifier, Amna Al Haddad is proud of being the very first athlete to represent UAE in the Olympics and other international weightlifting events.
Though raised in the United States, Kulsoom Abdullah represents Pakistan in most of her local and international competitions. Abdullah is considered to be a pioneer when it comes to Muslim women who are engaged in weightlifting. Additionally, she made history by legally fighting to be the first woman to wear a hijab during competition.
When she was just 16, Woujdan Ali Seraj Abdul Rahim Shahrkhani made headlines for being the first female athlete to represent Saudi Arabia in the 2012 London Olympics in the Judo/Martial Arts.
From a former graphic designer, Mona Seraji has pursued her passion and is now called as Iran’s snowboard ambassador.
Shinoona Salah al-Habsi, represented Oman in the 2012 London Olympics. Though she did not won a medal that time, she is determined to get back and eventually become the champion.
In addition to all these, Raha Muharraq is the very first Saudi woman to successfully reach the summit of Mt. Everest.