Muslim women have a place  to unwind in Hyderabad

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Muslim women have a place to unwind in Hyderabad

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There are not many places for women to unwind in Hyderabad. But now, Darul shifa, the heart of the Old City, offers such a space for them: Luqma Studio. It is an initiative of Safa Society, which works for women’s empowerment. The studio provides platform for women to engage in dialogue, network, and exchange ideas.
The all-female studio is well-furnished and has room for about 25 persons. Adjacent to the studio is the Luqma kitchen, the food brand of Safa, aimed at turning ordinary women into food preneurs. “We want Muslim women to make use of the studio and engage in meaningful discourse. They can also showcase their talent here,” says Safa Society president, Rubina Nafees Fatima.
The studio can be an oasis for women seeking rest and relaxation. They can order something from the kitchen next door and chit-chat leisurely, something the presence of men would hinder. The homely ambience only adds to the pleasure. There will be special events with prominent women from different fields addressing them on a range of subjects.
There are many myths about Muslim women. What adds to the confusion is people judging them through the prism of stereotypes. “Women from different communities can now intermingle and discover each other,” says Rubina.

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