Child First- Then the Rest


Child First- Then the Rest

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Come March, then exams stare in front of us. The step to our next level is here. We study day and night for this moment. Competing ourselves against our biological clock to achieve the target of being the class topper. However, settling for one among the top 10 after being “realistic” of one’s capacity. Can we say capacity here means “memory power.” That means, who memorizes and puts on the paper the most is considered successful. The question of whether we understood the concept (lessons) or not is not the issue here. We have to secure the coveted position of being the class topper – that is the target. Nothing wrong though to be the class topper. However, that is not the end either. Many toppers are still struggling in their lives. So where has it gone wrong? What we study and what we do as an occupation are entirely poles apart in most cases. Many factors are there for this scenario: studying for the sake of my parents; my friend is also studying the same; because my teachers told me so because I’m interested and so on… And from there, “because I’m interested” would be applicable for a minuscule few. Let the parents make a resolve to not compare their child to another child and to accept whatever grades the child is able to achieve, and accept it as their child’s best performance. And also promise to support their child in whichever field he/she likes during or after schooling years. Let the child study for their own sake and not for our sake or more importantly to show off for others. Keeping our child’s overall mental-physical-spiritual health in our mind; allow them some freedom to choose what they want to study, of course, the best one within the family budget too. Kids when raised in such a way are understanding and will gladly accept what can be achieved within that budget. In the long run, such children will be thankful to their parents, and parents would be satisfied with having done their duty of proper bringing up.