How to Stay Confident:  Methods and Tips to Improve Self Confidence


How to Stay Confident: Methods and Tips to Improve Self Confidence

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“Confidence isn’t something we are born with, but confidence is a skill which we can learn with time and effort.”

• What is Confidence…??

Confidence is the trust of an individual in their abilities and themselves. A state of mind that determines how you feel about yourself, your qualities, and abilities as well as your self-image. To know and embrace who you are, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and develop yourself in a positive manner.

Confidence is the combination of Qualities, Abilities, and Awareness. It is about diving into the states you are afraid of by overcoming your fears and living more happily. If you look at some of the successful people around the world, they look more confident because they know what they are doing, they train themselves every day to become better and better in their skills and learnings. And it is well known fact that confident people often find greater success in life.

The fact is, we all are seeking confidence in life. But on the other hand, most of us are lacking in confidence even in smaller things. The feeling of insecurity or the moments of instability and uncertainty haunts us and the result of which is we are unable to summon the confidence.

• How to Stay Confident…??
Fortunately, there are several ways that will help you to gain confidence as well as to become more positive in life. By following these steps, you will understand the areas where you lack confidence, and the areas where you struggle and help you to overcome these feelings and to be more confident in life.

• Caring About Your Physical Fitness:
Believe it or not, physical fitness plays an important role in your confidence. If you’re not fit or don’t feel good about your body/appearance (obesity for example) then naturally, it is quite difficult to feel confident with such a mentality. So, to stay fit and healthy, you need to start practicing self-care which will again naturally help you to gain confidence and it won’t just positively affect your body but your mind and spirit as well.

Remember, all glory comes from daring to begin and the hardest part is the beginning. You need to take baby steps in order to achieve the big milestones. So

• Sleeping 6-8 hours per night.
• Walking 30 Minutes per day.
• Eating healthy, nutritious food with enough amount of carbs and protein in it and avoiding junk food.
• Going to the gym 3 to 5 times per week.
• Drinking enough water.
• Getting morning and evening sunlight.

If you make these things a regular habit then in a couple of months, you will notice a drastic change in your life which eventually boosts your self-confidence to the next level.
(Note: The above points are taken from the general practice. Before actually starting, you should be aware of your health conditions and for that, consult your doctor, certified fitness coach, and dietitian for a properly balanced and monitored program, otherwise serious health issues may occur.)

• Conquer Your FearsBy Getting Comfortable With Uncomfortable Scenarios:
Suppose you want to learn how to swim and for that you are reading many books, watching videos about swimming, and trying to learn each and every aspect of the swimming skill but, you never actually jump into the water. So, will you ever be going to learn how to swim like this?

Similarly, learning about exercise, stage courage, or any other skills from books/videos without actually doing it will take you now here. If you never leave your comfort zone and try to do things that will make you feel uncomfortable, then you are surely missing the first step of learning.

So, in order to become more confident, the first step should be ‘Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone’ because venturing out of your comfort zone is the opportunity to develop more self-confidence. And yes, you might feel fear, uncomfortable situations, and awkwardness but when you push yourself to perform these little steps then it will surely help you to grow.

It will also give you a realization that sometimes, making mistakes or being anxious isn’t as bad as you might have thought. but it is a part of learning. And this realization gives you more confidence next time when you are trying to get out of your comfort zone and try to face new challenges which eventually makes you more self-confident in life

• Proper Knowledge, Proper Skills, and Proper Preparation:
Gaining Proper knowledge, learning proper skills, and doing enough practice it is the basics of gaining confidence because your preparation becomes your strength and that strength helps you to believe in yourself which naturally makes you more confident. But many times we don’t feel confident because we don’t value our skills or don’t put enough effort in learning and preparations.

So, first of all, we should understand this universal fact that every person knows some skills. From hobbies to passion, we all have something within ourselves that we can do better than others, all we have to learn is how to convert that passion into a profession because there are so much higher chances that we can perform that particular task way more confidently than any other task. Also, if somehow, we found a proper way of converting our passion into the profession, then that could be the best outcome for spending a happier life.

Overall, proper knowledge, proper skills, and proper preparations will eventually play a key role in developing confidence.

• Turning Negative Mindset into the Positive :
Your mindset plays a very important role in your confidence-building journey. In my first book ‘Ek Shuruaat: Kaamyabi Ki Raah Me’, I have explained the whole process of our mindset. In short – your brain cells known as neurons take the command from your conscious mind and act on it. So if you are giving negative commands knowingly or unknowingly like ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘I am not worthy of it’ then your neurons will take it as a command and they will never produce the energy of physical actions which is necessary to accomplish the goals.

The below table will help you distinguish between the mindset of Confident People vs. Diffident People.

• Asking Yourself:
“Did you really value your own opinions in life?” Ask yourself.

It is okay to take others’ opinions and ask the right people. But that doesn’t mean putting others before yours each and every time. What will people say about me? What will people think about me? This mentality of Seeking validation from others and not valuing your own understanding will make you less confident in nature because, in reality, confidence comes from asking yourself that question.

We should have some sort of certainty about ourselves, about our opinions, our likes, and dislikes. Because when we value ourselves then people will value us. Otherwise, if you don’t value yourself, or your opinions then why would people do it? So, when we start valuing our own opinions, that builds a sense of confidence within us.

And yes, we should take advice as well as constructive criticism from the right people but at the same time, ask yourself how you truly feel about yourself, what your genuine beliefs are, and how you truly feel about something right from choosing clothes to taking life decisions. Then by avoiding all the external uncertainty, you can actually act on that internal certainty.

• Always be truthful:
Yes…!! We have to admit this. “Honest people are always more confident in life”. When you do everything with honesty, and always be truthful, then you have nothing to hide, and when you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear. With this nature and behavior, not just you but every person in your surroundings will believe in you, will admire you and this nature will naturally not just boost your confidence but establish you as an ideal person in society.

Following are some additional tips to stay more confident in life :
• Dress properly and improve your posture and body language.
• Maintain a positive and growth mindset.
• Speak with confidence and smile.
• Plan achievable goals and maintain schedule.
• Read books and avoid time wasting.
• Be a good listener and never stop learning.
• Crate a better self-image and think positively
• Be Optimistic
• Develop good habits and stay away from bad habits.
• Stop the Procrastination habit.
• Be grateful for the blessings you have in life.
• Believe in yourself

Being confident is something that will be beneficial in every aspect of life. Without wasting time worrying or negativity, we can improve ourselves in performance, relations, etc. When you believe in yourself then exploring new opportunities, and learning new things becomes much easier and it gives you the strength that is needful to achieve your dreams suppose we fail, then it will give us the energy of resilience and the ability to bounce back for the new beginning and success.