My Heart Speaks

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!
May God bless you with peace, happiness and patience. Ameen!
I went through many evil things, being arrogant and proud, not respecting parents and my brothers, having many bad habits and showing off. But then Allah, Most Incredibly Merciful, bestowed iman in my heart and guided me to the straight path, and He is still guiding me, Alhamdulillah!
Many things have changed after I got the most incredible and beautiful gift of faith from my Sustainer. It changed me totally. And I never regretted anything after I received faith.
Alhamdulillah, I am doing well in my life now, wasting no time on inappropriate things, offering prayers on time, seeking knowledge every day, improving my skills, being good to family, friends, teachers and all other people I meet, finding ways to make Allah happy and trying my best to live for the sake of Allah!
Allah plans, and He is the best of Planners.
In the poem below I share some of my emotions and the strongest Truth I was witness to.

This world is temporary,
Nothing is ours, except our deeds.
This is the will of our Creator,
That He wants you to know.

Many are searching for peace,
Many want to become productive.
Offering namaz five times a day helped me fulfil both these.
You will die one day, so why not lead your life in peace?

Let me share with you what changed me,
Through the journey what healed me.
What I got was the strongest hope,
Lots of love, and kindness also.

One day, I saw a man walking down the street,
Smile on his face, looking happy and lowering his gaze.
I asked him, ‘What makes you lower your gaze, and what makes you happy?’
He replied, ‘Fear of Allah and the love of Allah’.

Confused, I asked for an explanation (for, I didn’t understand),
‘Can you say how you do both—love and fear?’
He replied with a face glowing,
‘Love for Him as He is the Most Merciful, and fear of Him as He is the Most Loving.’

I was still confused,
But something positive started running in my mind.
I asked him, ‘How much can your Lord forgive?’
He said, ‘You bring your sins the size of the skies,
Ask forgiveness from your heart, and He will surely forgive.
And not just forgive, He will change all the bad into good.’

I said, ‘Thanks’ and left.
I started walking back on my path,
Feeling something unknown in my heart,
And with some ultimate clarity in my mind.

There appeared two paths in front of me—
Either follow the broken path,
Or change and return to the Merciful One.

My mind gave up thinking,
But something was illuminating in my heart.
I gave up control of my legs,
And something straightened me to the mosque.

It was maghrib, and it was dark.
I did wazu and stood for namaz.
Slowly I began the prayer,
Feeling safe and some fear in my heart.

Reciting Fatiha, I lost control,
Lost control of my eyes and soul.
As tears began to fall from my eyes,
Something was resetting in my mind.

Never in my life did I ever feel
The way I felt in front of my Lord.
Going for ruku blessed my chest.
Saying zikr blessed my mouth (Subhana Rabbiyal Azeem).

My mind was searching for a reason to cry,
At last, I found, it was something on which I could rely.
Feeling the love different from others,
It was fixing the pieces of my broken trust.

Feelings I expressed and words I said.
He comforted me, and when I said
Sami Allahu Liman Hamidah,
God listened to one who glorified Him.
He calmed me down and healed me.

When I brought my head to the ground,
My body shook, and it felt like a storm.
Emotions falling through my eyes,
A puzzle solved (I found Allah!).

I got this faith, but not easily,
Sacrificed a lot, through many hardships.
Give thanks to the Lord for every breath,
As He is the One, the Giver of faith.

We have an eternal life after death,
Which fits us and will fulfil us.
Don’t have much hope in yourself—
You can’t even quench your own thirst.

Your Lord wants you to believe in Him,
Believe in Him and worship Him.
He can forgive your every sin.
Full of mercy and full of abundance,
He is the All-Seeing and the All-Hearing,
The First and The Last,
The Present and The Hidden.
He is Allah, and He is Our Lord.
He is One, and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger.

(The writer i


s a student of 2nd PUC in Bangalore)