The Tree Is Our Teacher


The Tree Is Our Teacher

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A botanist says that a tree trunk forms one half of a tree and the other half’s roots. One of the philosophers puts it in this way- the origins of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet. Our interests are so centered on gathering the fruits that it is easy to forget the cultivation of roots. We cannot prosper and have plenty without first putting down our roots in life. A tree stands above the ground, firmly fixed its roots beneath the ground. It grows from beneath upwards into the air. It does not start at the top and grow downwards. Those who till the soil or garden understand this analogy. The tree is our teacher imparting to us the lesson of nature that if we seek to progress outwardly, we must begin from our base before we can hope to build a new society.

The roots can be compared with the hardship, efforts, passion, and interest a teacher puts forth to make the foundation of a student strong, which acts as an escalator through which success can be achieved. A tree bearing more fruits is seldom bound to bend towards the ground. The more knowledgeable we are, the higher the bending or inclination we need to possess within ourselves.

The fruits or flowers symbolize students who have enjoyed generation after generation. A teacher is a source of disseminating knowledge and acts as a torchbearer through the light of which a student can see and explore life’s challenges. A teacher tries to make students players rather than observers through mentoring and counseling so that a student can reform, transform, and perform to excel in life.