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The 40 days Summer Vacation Course

This is a humble request to the parents: teaching good manners and behavior is in your hands. Protect your child from the violence and evils of the present age by admitting your children in NGS Madrasa Ashraful Banat, and thus ensure success in this world and the Hereafter.
What is Taught in the Madrasa?
For those who are going to do PUC Commerce along with 2 years Diploma Course in Islamiyat, the following things are taught:
1. The main principles of Iman eg. Iman Mufassil, Iman Mujammal, Kalmat etc.
2. Quran will be taught along with pronunciation.
3. The masail relating to Namaz,Roza,Zakath and Haj and the methods of performing them will be taught.
4. The method of writing and speaking Urdu will be taught along with handwriting skills.
5. Important suras (Chapters of the Quran) and the 30th para (division)
6. Masnoon prayers about getting up,sitting down,keeping awake, sleeping- all these will be taught.
7. Instruction will be given with regard to the way of the Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) . Details about the lives of the Sahaba (RA) will be given.
8. Practical demonstration of the Ishraq,Chasht, Tahajjud and Abwabeen prayers will be shown.
9. Obedience to parents,behavior towards them and the rights of neighbours.
10 How to behave with one’s mother-in ““law, father-in- law and their relatives– all these will be taught.
11. How to live in the society and bring up the children.
12. The rights of the husband,obedience to the husband ,and how to live with him ““these things will be taught.
13. The teaching of Fazail Aamal in the homes ““the method will be taught.
14. Women’s problems will be discussed.
15. The tasbihs of morning and evening will be taught;they will be made to act on the sunnahs.
16. Practical lessons will be given on the fasts of Ayyam Baiz (13th ,14th and 15th of each month) and I’takaf.
17. The method of du’a (prayer)will be taught in accordance with the sunnah of Prophet Muhammed
18. Events relating to the life after death, and the stories of the Prophets will be told.
19 Practical lesson will be given in the bathing of the dead body, covering with the shroud and burial.
Those who are interested in securing admissions can contact:
Yusuf Nadvi Sayeed
Munaver Shehryar Suhael
NGS Madrasa Ashraful Banat,
No. 22-28/1, V.M. Temple Road,
Kanakapura Road Cross,
Thalagattapura, Bangalore -560062
Mobile No. 9060786234, 9845043275, 9845458377.