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It is very necessary to establish Madrasas for girls, because, for the child, the mother is the basic pillar of existence.

Almighty Allah has given us countless blessings. The greatest blessing which He has given is that he has sent Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to teach us knowledge and wisdom and cleanse our hearts to help us to distinguish between truth and falsehood, that which is permitted and that which is prohibited, good and evil to spread good manners all around, to drive us towards success and progress, to educate and discipline us.
In this age, Madrasas are very important, just as we need a power house to get electric current, we need Madrasas to teach religious knowledge. They bring back to life, lifeless, barren humanity. They are the unconquerable forts of our religion. It is very necessary to establish Madrasas, especially for girls, because, for the child, the mother is the basic pillar of his or her existence. To educate her is the same as educating her family circle. Immorality and indecency are on the rise, and lessons of modesty and decency should be taught to the people. Today’s woman is not aware of her purpose in life. She can be made aware only through the teachings in the Quran and the Hadith.
Keeping this need in view, the NGS Madrasa Ashraful Banath has been established through the untiring efforts of the benefactor of the community, Haji Sayeed Munaver, and for which, the help and advice of wise and learned scholars has been taken.
Arrangement has been made for studies in worldly and religious subjects in a pleasant and peaceful environment, and the students have been provided with the basic facilities in this regard. By the grace of Almighty Allah, this institution has gained within a short span of time (it was established in September 2012), acceptance among the people. The beneficial effects after the establishment of the Madrasa are being slowly realized. All this is due to the grace and blessings of Almighty Allah for which we are very thankful to Him and praise Him. We pray to Almighty Allah to give the strength to every generous person to establish such Madrasas.
There are at present, 60 students on the rolls, with two Muallims and six Muallimas. In addition, there are 6 staff members to take care of the various needs of the Madrasa. The courses offered include the following : Ibtadayah Oola and Sania, Arabic Awwal, Duwum and Siwum, Alima, Tarbeyati Course. From time to time, prominent Ulema come to the Madrasa and give sermons.
A large building of the Madrasa with all the facilities has been constructed on a land measuring about 2 ½ acres. A mosque has been established. This is a great boon for Muslim families of the surrounding area. Girls who are residing in the area come to the Madrasa to learn, and go back home, while for those who come from places that are far away, boarding and lodging is provided. We wish to bring up the Madrasa upto international standards.
The Founder Secretary of NGS Madrasa Ashraful Banath and the NGS Group of Institutions, had made all facilities to make the students and staff feel comfortable.
Address: Madrasa Ashraful Bannat, No. 22-28, Vajramani Temple Road, Taleghattapura, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore-62. Cell: Yousuf Nadve: 09242213234, Sayeed Munaver, Secretary: 09845043275, 09844443275.