Golden Prices by Rishabh and Riddhi Siddhi

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Rishabh’s Golden Glow

Experience state – of – the – art gold rates at their showroom in Nagarathpet.

Rishabh Gold, one of the leading voices in the gold jewellery industry, is set to put gold back into the heart of Bangalore by introducing factory outlet rates in showrooms at Nagrathpet Street, Bangalore. Rishabh and Riddhi Siddhi provide fine quality (gold and silver) in a variety of forms as well, apart from exquisite 92.5 silver jewels. South India is considered by many as the global epicentre for gold jewellery at the professional level, but in spite of this, physical 916 hallmarked exclusive gold jewellery is often not readily accessible to every day consumers for reliable rates.
To address this, the new collection will offer a variety of products such as long haar ranging from approximately 35 grams to 200 grams ,necklace from 12 grams to 100 grams, bangles from eight grams to 80 grams and chada (laccha,mangalsutra) from 12 grams to 80 grams and many more miscellaneous jewellery pieces. In addition, consumers can also pick up coins and an exclusive collection of jewellery and gifts made with high purity gold. The showroom also boasts a range of gold jewellery testing equipment to verify the assay of the gold and to facilitate the purchase of jewellery, back from clients. It is all in the name of giving customers unparalleled confidence in the quality of the jewellery they purchase.
Rishabhs and Riddhi Siddhi will make you happy with reliable purchases in this competitive market with 100 % VAT bills and buy back assurance.
Telephone ““ 08040943002. No. 918 Nagarathpet main road, Bangalore .
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