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From Books to Perfumes, IslamWorld provides comfort for your soul and mind!

The very existence of mankind has been a constant reminder of what we call ‘knowledge’. Knowledge has played a vital role in not just our development but also our evolution as a whole. From as simple as lighting a fire to inventing scriptures, knowledge is everything that we ever sought for. Recognizing this extraordinary potential of mere knowledge is our IslamWorld- an all-in-one store for all Islam essentials.
The store has a wide collection of Islamic books from Darussalam KSA. From Sahih Al Bakhari to Sunan Abu Dawood, the store is home to different kinds of literature. Handpicked and carefully assorted, the collection is upgraded at certain intervals.
An Islamic store does not limit to religious artifacts; its very concept extends to facilitate everything that’s essential for every Muslim. That’s why IslamWorld houses various other essential items necessary for every Muslim. With clothes, food items, home decor items, toys and many others, all in one place, the store offers a convenient shopping experience to the people.
Dedicated to customers, the store renders a range of personal products. These products vary from clothing items, accessories, and children’s items to Halal cosmetics, fragrances, attars, abayas and other household items.
IslamWorld is an impeccable place for a complete shopping experience. The store offers abayas and jilbabs available in different sizes and a large variety to select from, thus making the clothing shopping experience a great one. In addition, jubbas for men are also available at IslamWorld, enabling the men folk to upgrade their wardrobe. Accessories may be of small size but play a great role in enhancing the attire. Hijabs, hijab pins, gloves, scarves, every accessory you may look for, IslamWorld will suffice your needs.
Children are an integral part of a family. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to cater to their necessities. IslamWorld stores a variety of children essentials for you to choose from. From clothing range, toys, bedding and blankets to educational books and DVDs, everything is available for the customers under a single roof.
IslamWorld offers a wide range of Halal cosmetics, lotions and soap products for their customers. These products are strictly made of natural and Halal ingredients. Free of alcoholic content, attars are intense fragrances fancied by the Muslim community. Making these attars readily available to customers is IslamWorld. The store offers a wide variety of assorted perfumes for the customers to choose from. Other types of less concentrated and alcohol-free perfumes are also available in these stores.
Towels, bed sheets, blankets, throws and pillows, crockery, silverware and stemware, potpourri and scented oils, anything to spruce up your home, can be found in IslamWorld stores. Moreover, these things are purely Halal and can be bought by Muslims without any fear of bringing a forbidden material into their home.
Islamworld has been doing a great job by offering an incomparable shopping experience, with thousands of carefully picked products that are regularly updated and well organized. With a limitless range of products and efficient delivery mechanism, Islamworld envisions making every customer’s shopping experience one of a lifetime.
Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the team at Islamworld efficiently services clients’ orders and addresses their complaints, if any, in a well-timed manner. Keeping the customer satisfaction in mind, they also provide return policy option furthering the process of redressal. With assisted customer agents to help customers select, navigate and make good purchases, IslamWorld ensures your shopping experience remains a contented one.
Come to IslamWorld and discover the beautiful world of Islam and Muslim culture.
IslamWorld outlet is at No. 35, Haines Road, Coles Park, Near AKS Convention Centre, Bangalore – 560005, Ph: 80-40935653