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Preston International College, a trend-setter in the field of Islamic Education, is now successfully stepping into its 10th year of educational service. An institution, accredited to two Indian Universities with 3-year BA degree in Islamic Studies in English and Tamil Medium, Preston, provides excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth in the field of religious sciences.

Quality Education
Our Vision is to promote quality education among all sections of our community and to prepare them for this life and the hereafter.
The department of Islamic Studies provides all that is necessary to broaden, deepen and enrich the student’s understanding of Islam. It orients students to contribute positively to the multi-religious and multi-cultural societies.
Under this department, the subjects taught are Arabic, Islamic Doctrines, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic History, Quran Exegesis, Psychology, Environmental studies, Islamic philosophy and Business Ethics. The department also organizes several Seminars and Workshops hosted by renowned scholars and activists.

Our faculty consists of highly qualified teachers who graduated from well renowned Islamic seminaries like the Islamic University of Madina and others. Having at least a decade of teaching experience, they fully dedicate themselves to imparting sound Islamic knowledge with great passion. The faculties equip students with the skills they need to pursue lifelong learning, and to develop critical and analytical thinking.

We always aim at competency with state-of-the-art infrastructure right in heart of Chennai, which enables our learners to attain the required proficiency in a comfortable and friendly environment. There is a mosque on campus and a library with an excellent collection of books. For care and safety, cameras have been installed in every part of the college campus.
We at Preston, prepare our students in the various core Islamic subjects with sound creed and knowledge from the most authentic sources to make them real contributors to the Muslim community. This knowledge enables the students to attain success and build their character in relation to their Creator, for themselves, their family, community and nation.
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