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What Would You Spend It On?
Think what you would do if you had Rs 550 in your pocket. You might buy an extra T-shirt, recharge your phone, or go for a drive with your friends for a ‘burger-cola combo meal’. And, of course, there are the latest brands of shampoo, toothpaste, fairness creams and gels””and you might like to try them out!
But before you spend your Rs. 550 on something that you want, but really don’t need, just stop for a moment and bring to your mind the fact that this sum of money can bring a smile on the face of a patient and her or his family!
Have you wondered what function kidneys play? For your body to work properly, it must contain just the right amount of water. One of the important jobs of kidneys is to remove excess water from the body or to retain water when the body needs more.
Kidneys also make important chemical messengers called hormones. These hormones circulate in the bloodstream and regulate some body functions, such as blood pressure and the making of red-blood cells.
When we are healthy, our kidneys regulate the levels of water and minerals in our bodies and remove waste. Some people, however, may have failed or damaged kidneys which cannot carry out the functions properly. Because of this, they may need dialysis.
Dialysis is the artificial process of eliminating waste and unwanted water from the blood. In other words, dialysis is the artificial replacement for lost kidney function””or what is called renal replacement therapy. Dialysis may be used for patients who face acute kidney failure.
The HBS Kidney Dialysis Unit at HBS Hospital was set up with the intention of providing dialysis facility for the economically weak patients in a comfortable ambience with dignity, by keeping the cost of dialysis at Rs 550. Many patients find it difficult to even cover this cost of Rs 550 per dialysis. Remember, that for the patient, undergoing dialysis is very critical. It is something he or she cannot do without. Imagine the plight of patients with a lifelong need to depend on dialysis!
We get patients from all communities and we wish to treat them all with care. Your contribution of Rs 550 every month will help many of the patients here, to avail a free dialysis.
Think about it! Be a part of the Kind Friends for Kidney Team, an unconditional friendship that conveys that “you care”!
Your cheques can be drawn in favour of HBS Dialysis, and sent to HBS Hospital, No 58, Cockburn Road, Shivajinagar, Bangalore-560051. Or you can deposit your contribution in our bank: account: Bank: Axis Bank, Main Branch. Name: HBS Dialysis. Account No: 913020048258295. IFSC code: Utib0000009. Swift Code: Axisinnbb009.
HBS Kidney Dialysis Unit, HBS Hospital, 58, Cockburn Road, Bangalore:51.Ph:080-25541321.