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Hashmath Fathima Wins 1st Prize for Ornamental Garden

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Mysuru: Ornamental gardens are the dream of plant-loving folks. Plants, foliage and flowering of different hues in various combinations can express the beauty of nature. An ‘ornamental garden’ developed by Hashmath Fathima won the first prize in the Annual Dasara Flower Show under the ornamental garden category. It is an artistic outdoor garden developed around her little dwelling place in a plot of land in Kalyanagiri all on her own. The garden has all the ingredients of a modern ornamental garden, with a display of choicest flowering and foliage plants in the form of annuals and perennials (herbs, shrubs, climbers, trees, ornamental grasses, bulbs etc.), embellished with various design elements.
Hashmath is into gardening for more than a decade and has won several first prizes in the past too. She herself carries out most of her gardening work and uses only organic manure. Most of her earnings are spent on maintaining the garden. A dress designer by profession, she has put her heart and soul in designing the beautiful and attractive garden as well!