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Sublime Galleria in Bangalore recently showcased Mohammed Hassan Khaleelullah’s calligraphic works.

From a young boy taking his tiny steps into the world of artistry, to a man who holds a world record in his field of art calligraphy, Mohammed Hassan Khaleelullah was born in 1972 in Chemnad village of Kasaragod district. His father M. H. Seethi is a well known writer and social worker. Right from the age of 13, Khaleelullah was fond of art and literature and began his calligraphic art.
This world renowned calligrapher marked his presence, and continues his journey to many calligraphic conferences and exhibitions throughout the world. His calligraphic logos are a prestige mark of many famous firms in the UAE.
Khaleelullah, who creates wonders with Arabic letters through his calligraphic works, has today established himself as a different artist in the field of Arabic calligraphy. “I believe that my best calligraphy is yet to be drawn. It is my dream project. It could be a great work of anatomic calligraphy and it should be a land mark in world history” says Khaleel.
Khaleel has in his kitty, 15 awards for art and literature including the Kerala Cartoon Academy Award, which he won at a very young age, World Health Organization Award, Thoolika Award, Malayattoor Award, MP Narayana Pillai Award and Anti-Narcotic Movement Award and many more.
Currently Khaleelullah runs a high end advertising agency in Dubai.
The exhibition is open till September 5, 2017 n