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Islamic Capital Market Finance

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A comprehensive textbook on Islamic financial markets

Rs. 400/-
Author: Dr. Abul Hassan
432 Pages
Language: English
Publisher: The Board of Islamic Publications,
Okhla, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi – 110 025

We are glad to present a book on Islamic capital and money market, “Islamic Capital Market Finance,” a journey of unravelling the Islamic capital and money markets through the prism of Islamic asset management it is relevant for students, academicians, the public, and finance.
Professionals, business analysts and all concerned stakeholders so as to upgrade themselves with the fundamentals and latest trends in the Islamic Capital Market and outlook towards money and finance and the latest financial products available in the area.
Some of the key features of the book include:
1. A comprehensive presentation of topics with theoretical foundations
2. Each chapter opens with a statement of learning objectives.
3. The material integrates mainstream and Islamic perspectives and provides real-world financial structures and examples.
4. Case studies are provided to help students build their understanding of real-world issues.
5. Simple language deployed to enable quick understanding of complex concepts,
6. Tables, diagrams, figures, and charts as aids in visual learning.
7. A glossary and review questions are provided at the end of the chapter to recap what students learnt from the textual material.

The book, in particular, can act as a guide for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Who wish to master the intricacies of Islamic money and financial markets. It fulfils the need of University students to learn the salient features, legal positions, functions, risk management and

The BASEL accords. It opens the doors to doors to understanding Islamic Capital Market Finance and leads to mastering “the future of finance.”

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