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The Sounds of the Silence

An Intrepid Crusader Resurrecting Islamic Heritage
A Handy Compendium on Urdu Media
Precision: Essence of the Industrial Age

Author: Riyazulla
Published by Sharfun Publications, Bangalore ([email protected])
Pages: 196
Price: Rs. 250

This is a novel that is based on religio-political developments in West Asia, stretching back centuries ago, and their ongoing implications. In his Preface, the author says, “The Middle East is one of those sacrosanct regions on the earth, which more than thousand years ago was bestowed with three monotheistic religions that are the epitome of love and peace. But unfortunately since then this region is mired in various conflicts and embroiled in internal wrangling, particularly the Muslims and Jews bickering has become a festering wound.”
In this book, Riyazulla says that he has “emphasized [“¦] the compatibility of the three religions in the distant past and particularly the symbiotic relationships between Muslims and Jews”. He explains that the purpose of this book is “to remind the sane and sagacious people of both the communities about their past peaceful coexistence”.