Setting Goals for Life

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“The Purpose of Life is to live a Life of Purpose”. Every single thing or task that we do in our day to day life be it professional or personal needs to have an objective. The objective must be followed by set goals and timelines. And to execute the Goal, we need Proper Planning. Any task that undergoes this pattern is assured of Success.

By Mohammed Aslum

Objective is the reason or Purpose for which a work or task is done. Work done without knowing the objective will not always produce desired results as it is the Objective that is more important in accomplishment of the task than the objective itself.
When someone is asked the most familiar question on goal, like” what is your life time goal” Very common answer we get may be 1)Beach hose 2)Good Sedan Class Car 3) Hefty Bank Balance 4)Beautiful Spouse 5)Lovely Kids
And of course these are long term goals (dreams actually) which themself may not suffice a holistic need. So there are various aspects to be considered before setting a Goal, be it short term or long term.
Key Constituents of a Goal
A Goal must have a destination point or target point where one plans to land in the end.
The time and deadline to reach the destination has to be pre defined
The boundaries and constraints in achieving the goal has to be pre defined

Key attributes of a Goal

The Goal must be
Specific ““ The Goal should be specific to a subject and should be able to be defined easily
Measurable ““ The outcome of the Goal must be Quantifiable
Actionable ““ The plan of action should be executable
Realistic ““ The Goal should be a realistic one and should not be fictional
Time Bound ““ By default the Goal must have a deadline
With these things in place we know
Where we are?
Where we want to go?
What will resist us in reaching our destination?
All that remains is to Plan ahead on How to reach the target and plunge into action

How to derive the immediate step of reaching a target.
Most of the time, goals are set for considerably longer periods at least about a year. In this case the objective and Goal itself being very large, it is difficult to derive what to do as the immediate step.
Very scientific way of deriving it is to write down the position of the Goal after 5years and what needs to be done year after year to reach the 5 yr target. Then come back to one year and things needed to be done every month to reach through one year target., this breaks down to a week and a day and finally we can even plan what needs to be done the very next hour to achieve our target. It needs to be ensured that the entire process maintains alignment with the primary Goal.
And when it comes to setting Goals for Life, it is not just one thing that needs to be targeted , a whole bunch of 7-8 dimensions have to be planned and targeted. Life is but a combination of all below mentioned attributes. So one needs to give importance to all these dimensions, for absence of even one of these wont complete a holistic Life. So Goals must be set individually on each of the below given dimensions.
Religion- Spiritual goals to purify the soul and attain tranquillity
Health ““ Health and Fitness goals to attain a healthy life
Family ““ Relationship Goals to set our relationships in place
Professional ““ Professional Goals to seek a successful career
Intellectual ““ Intellectual Goals to have wits and Wisdom
Social ““ Social Goals to give back to the society
Financial ““ Financial Goals to take care of all financial needs to support all the above Goals
In all the above dimensions the same procedure of Knowing the current Position, Knowing the target and setting a plan and executing he action comes into play. When all these things fall into place with the grace of the almighty there is absolutely nothing between us and our Target. Happy Goal setting for a Successful Life.
The writer Mohammed Aslum is the Chief Passion Mentor of Mine2Shine School of Passion Navigation. He can be reached at [email protected] / 9789186428