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MANUU To Hold National Urdu Science Congress

Hyderabad: Maulana Azad National Urdu University's Centre for Promotion of Knowledge in Urdu (CPKU) and School of Sciences is organizing the National [...]

Renowned Physicist Says, ‘There Is A God’

"I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence," so says, world-famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku who clai [...]
Greet Everyone With A Smile

Greet Everyone With A Smile

Prophet Muhammad told all of us in a very positive way to smile more, and in the process earn blessings of Allah. A smile is a beautiful and powerful [...]
Remembering  God – True Zikr

Remembering God – True Zikr

The Quran repeatedly tells us to remember God. This is what is known as zikrullah. One should remember God as often as one can. There may be some dist [...]
Prayerful and God-Oriented People

Prayerful and God-Oriented People

Prayerful people are true to themselves. They pray to seek God's approval, not the approval of others. By Sheima Salam Sumer Recite, [O Mu [...]

Sound Heart

Discover Yourself Workshop Dr Sadath Khan Whoever Comes with a Sound Heart is Successful It is the heart which softens (Quran 39:23), or h [...]

Muslim World Faces Selectivity in Human Rights

The OIC Secretary General called on the Geneva-based UNHRC to focus on economic, social and cultural rights. Geneva: Secretary General of the [...]

The Peace Maker

Now it is our duty, as believers in God, to create a common agenda for the peace movement for our times, so that the prophetic mission of encouraging [...]
Being Thoughtful of God

Being Thoughtful of God

Thoughts that do not include God are thought less, for all thought arises in response to His world in His universe and in this life He has given you [...]

Next Life is More Important

Seven Ways that Other-Worldliness Helps Us to Enjoy This Life More By Sheima Sumer   Know that the life of this world is play and a passing show, and [...]
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