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Islam Requires Positivity

Islam Requires Positivity

To utter the phrase Alhamdulillah! in a spirit of thrill, you have to forget about all negativity, you have to be free of all hate and revenge. Once, [...]

Why Supplication is the Solution to Every Problem

This journey isn't easy, for most of us. Moments we feel that the whole world around us is bringing us down. If Allah is on our side, nothing can [...]

The Need for Compassion and Love in Islam to Combat Extremism

Mankind's love for God is the key to eradicating extremism. It is the basis of moderation. By Omar Ibrahim Compassion and love are the essence of Is [...]

Abu Zayd Al Balkhi: The 9th Century Muslim Psychologist

Al-Balkhi makes the now widely disseminated and accepted connection between the mind and the body, with the health of each having significant conseque [...]

The Artist

A calamity that makes you turn to Allah is better for you than a blessing which makes you forget the remembrance of Allah. By Hafiz Asadullah Khan O [...]
A Lesson in Daily Charity

A Lesson in Daily Charity

Many of us do give in charity once in a while, but how many of us do so every single day? Charity was an integral part of this man's daily life. By [...]

Peaceful Relations with Neighbours

With the shared teachings of Islam and the Bible on building peaceful relations with one's neighbours, Muslims, Christians, Jews, as well as others wh [...]

The Purpose of Life from an Islamic Perspective

The Quran teaches that the purpose of life is to worship our Creator by believing in Him and by doing good deeds. By Sheima Salam Sumer What is th [...]


Consideration for feelings of others and graciousness in accepting gifts are etiquettes we can learn from the Prophet (Pbuh). One day a poor man brou [...]

Learn To Forgive

Forgiving each other, even forgiving one's enemies remains at the core of Islamic teaching. By Sadia Dehlvi Humanity is created in the divine image [...]
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