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Mumbai man sells SUV to help Covid patients with oxygen cylinders

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A young man in Mumbai sold his prized SUV worth Rs 22 lakh last year to buy oxygen cylinders for the people in his locality. Shahnawaz Sheikh, a resident of Malad, sold his Ford Endeavour SUV to donate oxygen cylinders to hospitals and several corona-infected patients who have been crippled by the oxygen crisis in recent days. Sheikh has also set up a control room where a team is working day and night in order to coordinate and communicate effectively over phone call with those in need of help. The team is currently receiving around 500 phone calls every day.
After he sold his Ford Endeavor, Sheikh managed to procure as many as 160 oxygen cylinders for the needy. He has helped over 4,000 people so far with free oxygen cylinders. His story has gone viral on the internet and people are appreciating his efforts to help the needy in times of crisis.