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Amid reports of shortage of oxygen at several hospitals in parts of India, free oxygen cylinders are being distributed to those in need by some groups.
In Mumbai, Muslim volunteers associated with Olive Trust are working round the clock to provide free oxygen to those in need. People are approaching Olive Trust where volunteers are available 24 hours to provide free oxygen cylinders despite the month of Ramzan.
“Serving […] people as also akin to worshipping Allah”, one of the volunteers said. This is the month of Ramzan, when we have to pray taraweeh and other prayers besides daily compulsory prayers, he said. But, along with all the Ramzan prayers, “we consider it our duty to serve the people at this time of tragedy and distress”, he added.
Olive Trust had arranged Medical Oxygen for the needy last year too. But this time it is difficult as even hospitals are complaining of oxygen shortage, they said.
“We currently have a total of 50 cylinders, and trying for at least 50 more. When people in need, mostly Covid patients, approach us, our volunteers go along with them, connect the oxygen cylinder, mask and also train how to use the kit”, he said.

(Extracted from ummid.com)