Beary’s Institute of Technology launches Diploma Courses

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“Imparting technical education in the rural areas is essential. It is very heartening to see that the Bearys group has taken up the initiative of doing it. Students should be focused and support the development of the nation” said Prof.Karunakar Rai, Principal, Karnataka Polytechnic, Mangalore, while addressing the students after inaugurating the BIT – Diploma courses in Civil and Mechanical engineering departments at Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT), Mangalore.
Prof. Sheikh Moiddin, Head of Information Science department, welcomed the gathering. Chairman of the Bearys Group, Syed Mohamed Beary, had a dream of gifting the knowledge of technical skills to rural students who did not have adequate opportunities to go for higher education. As a result of this dream, the BIT Diploma was initiated at BIT. Principal of BIT Dr. S.A. Khan stated that BIT is different from other technical Institutes. He said, “We demonstrate more than just mere teaching at BIT. We have well established laboratories and committed faculty members who will train the students in the best possible way” Dr. S.K.Raikar, Sr. Advisor BIT, said students will get more practical knowledge through polytechnic courses and they have the option to join the Engineering courses after the completion of their diploma. He pointed out that since BIT already possessed excellent facilities for engineering courses, the same benefit could be utilized for teaching polytechnic courses as well. This, he said, would give a huge advantage to BIT Diploma students when compared to stand-alone diploma colleges.
Prof S. Abdul Rahiman, Dean of BIT-Diploma, said that hard work, honesty and attitude determine a person’s success. He advised the students that after SSLC, it would be more useful to join the diploma program for an aspiring engineer. Siddique Beary, trustee of Bearys Academy of Learning, said that there was a notable shortage of skilled technical manpower in all areas of the industry. He opined that we should fill that gap and contribute to a growing nation in a significant way. Prof Avinash Hegde delivered the vote of thanks while Dr. Shiva Prakash compared the program.