BIT Achieves 100% Results

KBN Institutions – Diploma in Gemology
JBAS College – UGC Grants “Potential for Excellence”
Rida Rahman scores CGPA 10 on 10 in CBSE

Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT) Mangalore, achieved 100% results in its very first graduating batch 2013, with 81% Distinction and 19% First Class in the bachelor of engineering courses in Civil, E and C, Computer Science and Information Science. A testimony to the high academic standards, quality and rigor of teaching and infrastructure that mark BIT apart.
In addition, BIT has also produced 17 University Top Rankers, a fact to be noted keeping in view that most students hail from rural and lower strata of society. It is truly an extraordinary achievement. Unlike top performers performing better, in BIT, the challenge was to transform hitherto mediocre students to achieve excellence.
The Management congratulates the Principal, Faculty Members, Students and Parents for their extraordinary efforts and achievement.