Education and Justice

Canada based AMU Alumnus Institutes Scholarship
Ph.D Programme in Biotechnology
Yenepoya University – Diploma Course in Applied Islamics

Let us return, then, to the initial image of the dove of peace. Peace, in order to fly, needs wings that uphold it: the wings of education and justice.
Education ““ in Latin it means “extracting, drawing out” ““ is to bring to light the precious resources of the soul. It is comforting to note how in this country investments are being made not only in the extraction of the earth’s resources, but also in those of the heart, in the education of young people. It is a commitment that I hope will continue and spread elsewhere.
Young people, who are often surrounded by negative messages and fake news, need to learn not to surrender to the seductions of materialism, hatred and prejudice. They need to learn to object to injustice and also to the painful experiences of the past. They need to learn to defend the rights of others with the same energy with which they defend their own rights.
Justice is the second wing of peace, which often is not compromised by single episodes, but is slowly eaten away by the cancer of injustice. No one, therefore, can believe in God and not seek to live in justice with everyone, according to the Golden Rule: “So whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them; for this is the law and the prophets” (Mt 7:12).