Pre-Matric Scholarship Cheques: Bounced or Invalid

Al-Ameen Mumtaz Ahmed Khan Degree College
Alia Tabassum
Canada based AMU Alumnus Institutes Scholarship

By Zaidul Haque

Kolkata: 78,000 cheques given as pre-matric scholarships to minority students in West Bengal have either been deemed invalid or bounced. West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (WBMDFC) have disbursed the pre-matric scholarshipS for the year 2012-13 to nearly 12 lakh minority students. However, several thousand cheques are reported to have ‘bounced’ from the WBMDFC account due to insufficient funds or as the cheques reached concerned schools or students after the expiry of the dates. Abu Ayesh Mondal, Chairman of the WBMDFC accepted this when contacted by Twocircles.net. He blamed the central government for not sending the adequate funds in time, as 75% of the money comes from Delhi. Mondal told TCN that they have initiated the process of re-issuing cheques.