Rahmani-30 Students Succeed Again

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ICAI 2019-Commerce Wizard Level 2 result – Rahmani30 Qualified Students

Of the 1013 students who qualified in the ICAI Commerce wizard test phase II of 2019, 16 students are Muslims. And of these 16 Muslim students, six have been coached by Rahmani30, setting a record success yet again in the history of Rahmani30 with 100% success within its region Bihar. And of the six students from Bihar, 4 are girls and 2 are boys.
Rahmani30 started in Patna, Bihar, under the banner of ‘Rahmani Program of Excellence’ by Wali Rahmani with Mr Abhayanand, former DGP Bihar, as the academic head. Rahmani30 is focused on providing education and preparing students for medical, IIT, CA, CS and LAW entrance education. Established in 2008, the program selects 30 meritorious and talented candidates each year from economically backward sections of society and trains them for the JEE, the entrance examination for Indian Institute of Technology, Medical, CA, CS and LAW entrance.
(Extracted from twocircles.net)