Join the Eid Prayers

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If a person misses the Eid prayer, he cannot offer it individually, for the Eid prayer is conditioned upon congregation. Similarly, if the prayer of a person who joined in the congregation is invalidated due to some reason, he cannot offer it later as a missed prayer, nor is it incumbent upon him to do so. However, a few people who have missed the prayer can get together and offer it if they so desire.
There is neither Azan nor Iqamah for the Eid Prayers.
The Ahle-Hadith scholars maintain the view that women and children have been enjoined to attend the Eid prayer, because the Eid, like the Friday Prayer, is a special feature of Islam, and the holy Prophet (Pbuh) himself has exhorted the women to go to the Eid ground.
Hadrat Umm’atiyyah has narrated; “The holy Prophet (Pbuh) commanded us that we should take unmarried young girls and grown-up women, even those menstruating, along with us to the Eid ground. The menstruating women, however, are not to attend the prayer, but should sit aside and keep on pronouncing the Takbir, and join only in the supplications.
The recitation in the Eid prayer is to be audible.