Rewards of Fasting

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The Significance and Rewards of Fasting
The Beautiful Concept of Zakat
  • Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said: “He who fasts solely for the sake of Allah, has all his previous sins forgiven.
  • The odour of the mouth of a fasting person is sweeter to Allah than the fragrance of musk.
  • The Prophet said, the sleep of a fasting person is Ibadat and his silence is Tasbeeh (recitation of Subhan Allah).
  • According to the Hadith, fasting is a shield as long as the fasting person does not rupture it with lies and back-biting.

Dua at the time of Iftar
ذَهَٔبَ الظَّمَٔأُ، وَابْتَلَّٔتِ العُٔروق، وَثَبَٔتَ الأجْٔرُ إِنْ شٔاءَ الله.
” No more is the thirst, moistened were the veins, and the reward became due, if the lord so willed” (Abu Dawud)

Things Which Do Not Break the Fast

  • The using of Miswak
  • To take bath during the day or to pour water, over the head due to the summer heat.
  • To smell perfume.
  • To apply Surmah (Kohl) in the eyes, or oil to the hair.
  • To eat or drink in forgetfulness.
  • To inhale a fly or smoke or dust without one’s will or intention.
  • To pour water into the ear unintentionally.
  • To swallow saliva or phlegm.
  • To gargle or take water in the nose, while performing ablution (Wudu), but care should be taken that no part of water enters the throat.
  • Blood tests during illness.
  • Things Which Break the Fast

Eating or drinking breaks the Saum.

  • Sexual intercourse even if there is no emergence of semen.
  • Smoking.
  • Inhaling smoke by one’s own action, e.g. inhaling the smoke of incense, etc.
  • Swallowing any substance or object which is not normally consumed as food or medicine, e.g. pebbles, paper, a coin, etc.
  • Pouring oil into the ears.
  • Saliva mingled with blood will break the fast if the taste of blood is discernible when swallowing it.
  • Eating deliberately. (Eating by mistake does not break the fast).
  • Deliberately inducing oneself to vomit will break the fast if the vomit is mouthful.
  • A food particle, the size of a chana (about the size of half a pea) stuck in the teeth slips down the throat.
  • Applying drops of medicine into the nostrils.
  • Masturbation. In addition to it nullifying the Saum, it is an immoral and a sinful act.
  • Ejaculation as a result of caressing and fondling the wife even if there was no sexual intercourse.