Tihar Jail

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150 Hindu Prisoners observe Fast with Muslim Inmates

At least 150 Hindu prisoners observed Roza inside Tihar jail. “Of the 16,665 prisoners spread across different jails of Tihar, at least 2,658 prisoners, that include both Hindus and Muslims observed the fast. Jail officers said the Hindu prisoners gave different reasons why they were observing the fast. “Most of them said they were doing it in solidarity for their Muslim friends. Maybe they did not want to admit that they are turning to religion after coming to prison. We have observed that 80%-90% of inmates become religious inside prison. Religion is a way of finding peace. A few said they believe they could be released early if they pray to God,” a senior jail officersaid.Another jail officer said every year they see a similar trend during Navratri, the nine-day Hindu festival. During Navratri, a large number of Muslim prisoners fast with the Hindu inmates. ”