A Resident of Dubai creates the World’s  first Educational Islamic Toys

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A Resident of Dubai creates the World’s first Educational Islamic Toys

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In a world dominated by mainstream toys and entertainment, Abdellah Zejli, a visionary resident of Dubai, has embarked on a pioneering journey that has captured the hearts and minds of families worldwide. The creation of Muslim Blocks, the world’s first educational Islamic building blocks, represents a remarkable convergence of learning, Islamic heritage, and entertainment, bringing forth a new era in the toy landscape.

Abdellah Zejli’s brainchild, Muslim Blocks, was conceived out of a deep desire to enrich the lives of children and families. Recognizing the lack of premium educational Islamic toys in the market, Zejli embarked on a mission to craft a groundbreaking toy that would bridge the gap between education, play, and cultural awareness. The result is a series of meticulously crafted building block sets that serve as gateways to Islamic culture, history, and architecture, all while delivering an engaging and enjoyable experience.

At the core of Muslim Blocks lies the philosophy that education can be seamlessly integrated with play. Abdellah Zejli encapsulates this sentiment by stating, “Our meticulously crafted building block sets enable children and families to explore Islamic culture, history, and architecture while having a blast.” This philosophy underscores the brand’s commitment to transforming each moment spent with their products into cherished memories.

Muslim Blocks’ initial offerings include two captivating building block sets: the Kaaba building block set and the Masjid Al Nabawi building block set. The Kaaba set, comprised of over 367 intricately designed pieces, faithfully recreates the revered structure in Mecca, allowing young minds to delve into its historical and spiritual significance. Meanwhile, the Masjid Al Nabawi set, consisting of over 300 pieces, beautifully captures the splendor of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, complete with iconic features like the green and silver domes and the sacred Rawdah.

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