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A Visit to the Mini Taj Mahal

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By M K Shihab and Sulaiman Azhari

The most amazing part of Aurangabad in Maharashtra, is the Mini Taj Mahal. Though it is not one of the seven wonders of the world, Mini Taj Mahal has also a lot in it. We are thankful to God, and all who helped us to be here, to visit the wonder of Aurangabad and the Mini Tajmahal or the Bibi- ka-Maqbara
Bibi Ka Maqbara is situated 5 km away from Aurangabad. Aurangazeb’s son, Prince Azam Shah built it in 1678 in the memory of his mother, Begum Rabia Durani. This mausoleum is a replica of the famous Taj Mahal. Bibi Ka Maqbara has four towering minarets like the Taj Mahal. An octagonal lattice-screen of white marble surrounds the raised plinth supporting Rabia Daurani’s grave inside the tomb. The tips of its pillars are made of red stone.
The chief architect of the monument is a Persian by name Ustad-Ata-Ullah. The monument that was built in the loving memory of a mother makes us think how well we should love our mothers.