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They were a group of professionals from the Muslim community who wanted English books for their children that they could read, enjoy and learn, forming their identity simultaneously. When they couldn’t find this kind of resource, they decided to write and publish such books themselves. And thus was born the Adab Kids (www.adabkids.com) in 2015.
Five years after the publication of its first title, the Adab Kids has eight books to its credit, ranging from stories on historical figures and Companions of the Prophet to graphic novels. The team tries to include what they felt was important but was missing in children’s books available in the market. One such thing was the absence of any stories about the luminaries in Muslim history ““ scientists, travellers, architects and thinkers who lived after the Prophet and his Companions. This led to the series ‘Meet the Luminaries’, introducing important Muslim thinkers and scientists.
Hasim (Managing Director of Adab Kids) explained to TwoCircles.net about the first title that came out from the Adab Kids on Imam Ghazzali, the renowned thinker and philosopher. Personalities like him, Hasim opines, would help impart a positive historic sense to the Muslim children of modern times other than helping them create an identity. This series, Hasimadds, has five titles Imam Ghazzali (jurist, philosopher, theologian and mystic), Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (theologian and Sufi saint), Imam Abu Hanifa (theologian), IbnSina (philosopher, thinker, mathematician and theologian) and IbnHaytham (scientist, father of modern optics).
Another series by Adab Kids is ‘The Book of Fools’ published in 2017, which is regarded as a unique series of ‘Classics Retold’. It includes stories from the original works of Hanbali scholar, Ibn al Jawzi. These tales have been retold in a way that children would understand, and has attractive pictures to go along with. The idea behind ‘The Book of Fools’ series is “to impart the importance of intellect by telling the stories of fools,” says Hasim.
Another remarkable series is ‘Golden Tales’ which provides glimpses from the life of the Prophet’s companion and second Caliph, ‘Umar al Farooq.’ ‘The Last Will’ is the first title under the series ‘History through Graphic Novels.’ It narrates the story of the Mongol invasion and devastation of the Muslim empire, followed by the acceptance of Islam by the Mongol rulers through colourful illustrations.
Why the name Adab?
The term ‘Adab’ epitomizes the humanist concerns of classical Islamic education. Adab (respect/honor) stands for the ethical and practical rules of conduct deemed praiseworthy in the Islamic communities around the world. Additional connotations of adab include the knowledge necessary for a certain profession; good breeding (proper upbringing of children, their morals, and their good behavior); courtesy; etiquette and refined manners.
The initial team of six friends in Hyderabad, from various areas of Kerala, has now spread in several parts of the country and abroad. The group has a registered office in Kottayam from where the books are published. The stories are written by the group themselves who also serve as content editors and developers while professional artists do the illustrations.
In the modern times when children are more attracted to videos than books, Adab Kids cannot ignore immediate interests of the young generation. The publication is planning to upload video stories of some of the books on its YouTube channel too. Adab Kids’ books can be bought online on their website, as well as on Amazon and Flipkart.
(Material extracted from an article titled ‘Adab Kids ““ Books narrating stories of Islamic Luminaries to young learners’ by Najiya O on twocircles.net)