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Imagine yourself in a beautiful picturesque place. What do you see when you look around? If you are a nature lover, you will notice lush green trees, sweet-smelling flowers, birds, the clouds; you will feel the smoothie breeze. The beautiful things around you might remind you of the beautiful creator. But what is under your feet? Dirt and soil. A very insignificant creation that hardly gets any notice. Right?

Allah swt is THE WISE and THE BEST PLANNER. Will He ever create anything that is not of significance? Allah swt has created everything with perfection and has made everything around us for our use. Even the dirt we step under our soles.

A Muslim who is conscious of Allah’s might and wisdom in every big and small thing around him will always be in the hand of Allah swt. Today we will look at the creation – Soil.

This creation which is mentioned so little about covers the whole of earth. One wouldn’t be wrong in saying that there would have been no life without soil.

The word “soil” is mentioned 287 times in the Quran, including different roles of soils in human life.

For a conscious Muslim, no matter how insignificant a thing appears to the eye, he will always be in awe of Allah’s creation and the mighty purpose.

Before we go into why soil is such a great reminder of Allah’s majesty, let us look at the time it takes to form the soil.

The soil you see every day in your garden or on the roadside has taken over 500 years to come to that stage. It takes around 500 years for a thin layer of topsoil to develop. Isn’t that a long process? Subhan Allah. Imagine how old this earth might be!!

The most well-known use of soil is our own creation. Allah swt created Adam AS with soil.

He created humankind from sounding clay-like pottery. Surah Ar Rahman ayah 14.

And we all are Adam’s Progeny.

Allah swt created all things beautiful, and He also created a large variety of the same thing.

Soil also has various types. The colour, the feel, the smell, the richness…all of these are different from place to place. Through the variety of soils. Allah swt wants to show His prowess. Allah swt leaves signs in all His creations. It is upon the slave of Allah to see the exquisite design of his Master.

We all know that soil is required for plants to grow. Allah swt has given soil the ability to provide anchorage for roots and hold water and nutrients.

And again, through these plants (that are totally dependent on for their growth), Allah swt has arranged for our food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and recreation.

Allah swt has made this humble soil home for many of His creations, from many big to the smallest creatures.

It is also our home after our death. We Muslims are not burnt, thrown in the water, left in caves, or thrown off the cliff. But we are buried inside the soil and become part of the soil.

Soil is a naimah from Allah swt, and we need to value it. Soil is a limited resource which means its loss is not recoverable within one’s lifetime. We need to keep the soil healthy, as a lot depends on the health of the soil – the food we get, the water we drink and air we breathe all depend on the soil quality.

Parents and teachers can carry out an extensive activity on this topic and help children see the beauty and wisdom of Allah swt’s creation in every big and small thing around them.
May Allah swt give us all the ability to see and appreciate the work of Allah in everything around us. And always be in His Hamd.