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Body Language

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Being pensive

Nowadays we hear a lot about body language. We communicate a lot of things through actions of our body or motion of hands and fingers. You know how to tell someone to keep silent i.e., by keeping the index finger on the lips. When one pouts the lips, that means he is upset or disapproves some act. Thumbs up sign is for approval while thumbs down is unhappiness. When a cat is angry, it humps it back and its skin ruffles up so that it appears bigger. Gestures like hailing a cab are very common. When you want to say that something is superb, you make a circle by linking your thumb with the index finger. Shrugging shoulders is a very common gesture done by raising of shoulders. It means one does not care for something or does not know the answer.
Body language is an essential part of speech. This allows easier communication.