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Searching for a new sight, my bored eyes turned away from the busy tarmac to a young girl, with a pretty dress on. She happily hopped around with the ever-watchful eyes of her parents on her. They had ready smiles whenever she rushed to them enveloping her with love.

Their loving gaze took me back to my childhood days. I was not aware then, but I was a world to my parents. Born after many failures, I was cherished by them and the whole family. Every new frock design had to be sent to the tailor and each new frock I wore was to be clicked. Seema studio was the name of the studio and with each new photo, a new background. I remember their worried hushed talks when I was sick, ever caring about my wellbeing

The giggling of the little girl broke my reverie and brought me back to the present. I watched this love in amazement as I realized ALLAH KNEW. Allah knew what He was creating when He made parents. He created them gently, as the cool wind on hot days, with utmost softness for their child. And on the same hand, most ferocious as the lioness on a hunt, relentless when it came to the protection of their little ones. Our creator knew what was required of a parent and He created them.

My mind still lingering on this wonder, reminded me of my teacher’s explanation of the mercy of Allah. It is huge. Almighty has sent only a percent of his mercy on earth. Humans show this same love and reham in different relationships in all walks of life. Animals don’t kill their young ones because of this mercy. The rest of 99% of mercy is reserved for Allah’s servants in Jannah. Subhan Allah! What it must be like. If parents’ love is something so beautiful, then what must love, and mercy is like when shown by the creator Himself? SubhanAllah.

Gathering my thoughts, still thinking how many signs in nature to see the greatness of the Almighty, I walked towards my waiting plane, throwing a last glance at the girl and her parents.

(The writer is a busy mum of four boys living in Hyderabad. She loves to utilize her time to the fullest and tries to be involved in activities that please her Rabb)