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The Boy And The King (Part 2)

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Assalamualaikum children, In the first part of the story, we learn how the boy discovered Allah swt. In this part, we will know what happened to the boy after the monk was cut into pieces by the king. We will learn whether the king spared the boy or did the boy renounce his religion.

In continuation…..
The monk was summoned and was asked to renounce his faith in Allah. The monk refused to do so. The king ordered his men to cut the monk into two pieces. The king then turned to the boy and ordered him to renounce his faith in Allah.

Despite witnessing the end of the monk, the boy did not renounce his faith in Allah swt. This enraged the king further, and he ordered his men to take the boy to a high mountain and throw him off the cliff. The king’s soldiers went up a high mountain along with the boy. The boy made dua to Allah swt, ‘O Allah! Save me from them by any means that You wish,’but before they could throw him off, a massive earthquake shook the mountain, and all the soldiers fell off it, leaving the boy alone. The boy, unscathed, went back to the king to tell him how his Lord had saved him.

The king couldn’t believe that this is indeed help from Allah for His true believers. The king summoned more of his soldiers and asked them to take the boy on a boat and throw him in the middle of an ocean.

The soldiers obeyed the king’s order. They reached the center of the ocean. The boy again made dua to Allah swt, ‘O Allah! Save me from them by any means that You wish.’A massive storm built up in a little while, which overturned the boat and drowned all the soldiers except the boy. The boy again returned to the king to tell him how His Lord had saved him.

The king was out of his wits. None of his plans were working. Just then, the boy said to the king. If you want to kill me, you will have to do it in a manner I ask you to. And then you will be able to kill me. The king was more than ready to do anything to finish this boy and finish the message he was trying to spread about the oneness of Allah and the king not being the god.

The boy asked the king to gather all the people of his kingdom to one place to witness the boy’s death. Tie him to a tree, take an arrow and say, ‘In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the boy.’ The boy said only then will I die. In his rage to kill the boy, the king agreed to this condition and gathered all his people and said ‘In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the boy’ before shooting the arrow. The boy died immediately. Upon witnessing this, all the people who had gathered proclaimed, “We believe in the Lord of the boy!”

The king had not foreseen this. He never thought the boy planned to convey the message to all the people in one go. The king thought he could eliminate the boy and the message he was carrying. But Allah’s plan was supreme. But sadly, the defiant king refused to see the truth in the boy’s message and ordered his soldiers to prepare a vast trench filled with fire.

Then the king announced, “Whoever abandons his religion, let him go, and whoever does not throw him into the fire.”

The people were ready to die for Allah swt but didn’t want to give up their faith. One after the other people jumped into the fire, but one young mother who had an infant in her arms hesitated to jump. Allah comforted her through her baby. Allah swt gave the infant the ability to speak to her mother. The baby said to her,” Be patient mother! For verily, you are following the truth!”

This is how the boy who believed in Allah swt succeeded in spreading the true message to many. This story is mentioned in the Tafseer of Sura Burooj ayah 4-9.

Cursed were the People of the Ditch. Of fire fed with fuel. When they sat by it, and they witnessed what they were doing against the believers. And they did not fault that they believed in Allah, the Almighty, Worthy of all praise! To Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth! And Allah is Witness over everything. (85:4-9)

So children, through this story, we get to learn how to remain strong in our faith towards Allah swt. And we also learn the power of dua. In sha Allah, we will also try to be firm in our faith and belief in Allah’s help.