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Insha Allah, today we will learn about camels, amazing creatures that Allah swt created and placed them in the hot deserts as a sign of His immeasurable wisdom. Let us learn why camels are such amazing animals and why they are a source of hidayah (guidance) for those who can look, ponder and marvel at Allah’s creations.

Allah swt mentions camels in many places in the Quran. Camel is called jamal in Arabic. There are over 160 words for camel in Arabic alone.

We will look at a few fascinating facts about camels. Desert is where camels live, and we all know that deserts have very high temperatures accompanied by intense sandstorms. How many eyelids do we have? One. But camels have three sets of eyelids and two rows of eyelashes. Why did Allah swt give them so many eyelids? The frequent sandstorms can really become a problem unless one is really well prepared for it. And Allah swt being the supreme creator of all things, protected the vision and eyes of the camels by giving them three sets of eyelids. And another amazing ability Allah swt gave the camels is, one of the eyelids is transparent and acts as a window cleaner when dust gets trapped in the eyes.

Allah swt also gave the camels the amazing capability to completely shut their nostrils during sandstorms to avoid sand getting inside their windpipes.

How much water can we drink in one go? Maybe a litre or more. But can you imagine, Allah swt has given camels the ability to drink almost 200 litres of water in one go? This ability is given to them because water is hard to find in deserts, and whenever they find the water they can drink so much and store it for a long period of time.

We could cover only some of the incredible facts of this wonderful creation by Allah swt. I would encourage you all to read up more on camels and praise Allah swt. Please read up on what they eat, how much they eat, how they manage to live in such hot temperatures, and why they are called ships of the desert. Build the habit of independent research. Know more and share more.